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Cancelled Orders!!!

Updated: May 28, 2021

The present pandemic has been doing a major impact on almost all aspects of our lives. Consequently, one of the worst affected is the events industry. Strict protocols are being implemented and as a result, almost all private events such as weddings, birthdays and the like are being either postponed or cancelled.

Since everyone was urged to stay at home, I decided to still create some of the cakes that were cancelled and have it on display. At least, I had ample of time to practice my skills and be productive during this dreadful time of our lives.

Every cake on display represents light and hope that one day we will all gather and celebrate life together. Cancelled isn't a bad word because it happens every day. It's amazing how a world pandemic can help put things into perspective a little bit... the most important things are definitely NOT cancelled

Sunshine is not cancelled

Love is not cancelled

Relationships is not cancelled

Family is not cancelled

Devotion is not cancelled

Imagination is not cancelled

Kindness is not cancelled

Conversations are not cancelled

Learning is not cancelled

HOPE is not cancelled

Let’s keep our faith and everything will be fine. Stay safe everyone.


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