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How to make Black and Gold Drip Cake

Hello Bakers, since many of you were asking how to achieve the metallic gold design to my cake. Here is the step by step tutorial video from coloring the cake to designing the cake.

1st Step

Coloring the cake using airbrush

Add 2 parts of Color Gel (Chefmaster Coal Black) + 10 Parts of Liquor Alcohol (Bacardi Superior Clear Rum)

Make at least 2 to 3 layers of Airbrush.

2nd Step

Chocolate Drip

Melt the compound milk chocolate via microwave for at least 30 to 45 sec. do not overheat the chocolate

Pour the melted chocolate carefully to the top of your cake. then do the drip one at a time until you finish the whole top of the cake

Let it rest to the freezer for about 30 sec to harden the chocolate.

Mix the color dust to alcohol. 1 part of color dust to 1 part of Alcohol

Paint the drip one by one until you achieve your proffered color/ consistency.

3rd Step

Designing the cake. design your cake with chocolate of your choice. Use the remaining melted chocolate to stick your chocolates and design to the cake.

4th step

Take a snap of your cake for your portfolio and future preference for your client.


Happy Baking

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